Why THC over alcohol?

Our specially processed pure THC gives you that nice buzz you're looking for in a social beverage, without the commonly associated side effects of traditional cannabis.

Unlike alcohol, it won’t cause you to “feel it” the next day. There are no calories from alcohol or bad taste to cover up. Triple’s proprietary THC is formulated to mimic the strength of a standard beer or seltzer. Triple has the perfect amount of THC, leaving you with a drink you can consume all day or night. With Triple, you can perfectly unwind at home, or party with your crew.

How many should I drink?


Treat it like your typical beer, seltzer, or glass of wine. Triple has just the right amount of THC, making it a sessionable drink that allows you to control and build your buzz.

The effects of Triple typically can be felt in just 15 minutes and the buzz lasts for about as long as alcohol. Think of it like your would your typical social beverage.



Whether you're drinking day or night, Triple creates the perfect vibe for any occasion and anywhere.